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Gambling – advice for family and friends

Communicate your feelings carefully and openly. Budget and allow each member of the family some spending money, including the problem gambler. Consider talking frankly to other affected members of the family so you can support each other.Socialise with others Coping with a loved one’s problem gambling can be very distressing. Avoid trying to protect them. […]

Betting On Oil – CBS News

In the end, supply and demand always wins when it comes to betting on oil prices, he says. So you are betting on futures, not stocks.” Copyright 2006 CBS. “I think it is very dangerous to kind of play the oil game and bet on where the price is going to be,” Hennessey warns. It […]

12 Effective Tips to Get Rid of Gambling Addiction

But studies show that suicide attempts are usually made by older people with problem gambling. Gambling addiction is referred to as ‘compulsive gambling’ or ‘impulse-control disorder’, where the behavior of the gambler is similar to that of a person who has substance addiction. When an individual realizes that gambling is destroying his family and social […]